About Us



How it all began.......


Marti Heater, founder, relocated from the Quakertown area to Chambersburg in 2003 with her two dogs.  Sammi was an 11 year old Golden Retriever and Callie, a 3 year old English Setter.   


 In 2001, Marti placed her mother in law in a nursing home for special post surgical care.  She was very upset to be in a nursing home.  On her first night, Callie, then a one year old puppy, went to see "Grandmom."  Once they arrived, there were other dogs from the local therapy dog group called Paws with Patience, who were there on their regularly scheduled monthly visit.  Marti's mother in law began laughing and hugging the visiting dogs in her bed.  


The other residents also really enjoyed the dogs.  Marti and her dogs were hooked.   Having reasearched the Chambersburg Area before they relocated, Marti worked to qualify as a Tester/Observer with Theray Dogs Inc.  It was clear that a very large need existed in the area and she had two dogs that were anxious to start working.  They began spreading the word and Kindly Canines was born.